/1 Finding & Defining

Capturing and expressing problems through user research

The first step in finding market success is to interview and observe potential beneficiaries to identify their motivations, needs, pains and wishes. Instead of focusing on features and requirements we focus on scenarios, stories and tasks.

Target users
Competitive Audit (Landscape Research)
Competitive Audit (Secondary Research)
Amazon Explore
Interview Script

Target Audience:

Leisure Adventurer

Research Goals:

- Travel decision making

- Things they like to do when traveling.

- What makes a great travel experience

- Social aspect of travel

- Travel budgeting


“Hi my name is ______, and I am doing research on Remote Travel.

In other words, traveling experiences done through technology like a phone or app versus physical travel - considering some of the constraints we have on travel currently due to COVID-19

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.”


“I would like to interview you for 30–60_ minutes. Would that be OK?”

“I would like to record this session for my use only. Once I am done with the research I will delete the recording. Would that be OK?”

Build Rapport:

“Tell me a little about yourself. Tell me about your role/interest, your day–to– day experience, and how you define success in that area.”

Key Questions:

Write your key questions here in the order that makes the most sense (i.e. in order of importance or order that builds on one another).

• Out of your last 3 trips you took for enjoyment, what was your favorite?

• What is most important factor in deciding a travel destination?

• How do you plan your travel?

• Do you usually travel alone, with friends or family? Who did you last travel with?

• How do you decide the budget for your trip?

• What kind of things to do when you travel?

• What makes a great / 5 star travel experience for you?

Wrap Up:

“Thank you for your time. You have given us such good information!”

“If in the future we have follow–up questions or ideas to explore, may we reach out to you again?”

Interviewed 10 people and got the following results
Problem Statements
I am full-time professional woman, I am trying to connect with my loved ones but it’s hard to travel because there is a pandemic and health restrictions which makes me feel stressed and longing.
I am a college student, I am trying to experience cool places around the world but I am on a tight budget because minimum wage job can’t afford to do many things which makes me feel tuck and unable to do many things.

/2 The Value Proposition

Defining strategy through brainstorming and prioritization

Virtour is a Remote Adventure Touring Platform for Explorers & Tour Guides so they can go on a virtual adventures moving into the new normal/ Facilitate Tours to peers, friends and family.

Business Outcome. Objective: Complete 150,000+ virtual tours by end of Q4 of 2023

Key result 1: Complete 15,000+ virtual tours by end of Q4 of 2021

Key result 2: Complete 45,000+ virtual tours by end of Q4 of 2022

/3 Rapid Experiment

Indoor Test

Current conditions: There is 0 capabilities to select a pre- built package using an existing service. Penetration in the market is 5%

Target conditions:

  • (Pre-build by Price) Creating 3 pricing tiers to select pre-build packages

  • (Pre-build by interest) Creating pre- built packages based on activities and interests.

  • Increase penetration in the market by 15%

Obstacles: Market Research on Pricing Model Identify Activities and Interests

Hypothesis: IF users are provided with pre- built travel options THEN 75% of users would prefer virtual experience over current conditions.

Minimum viable test: see Storyboard below

Participants: Facilitator: Heather; Graphical Recorder: Ekaterina

Schedule: Feb 25 @6:00pm-7:30pm PST; 10 minute walkthrough and final concept validation sessions to test hypothesis; 7 Participants Total

Measurement methods: Questions during Interview will validate this concept/idea

Results: 1.5 (Negative) 5.5 (Positive)would prefer virtual experience over current conditions.

Results plan: Final Result: 75%; Experiment Passed; Next Steps: Build the feature

What People Said

"This is BIG"

"Shopping is when the experience is completed."

"I may use this feature to test out a destination as a preview before booking the physical trip."

/4 Rapid Experiment

Outdoor Test

Current conditions:

  • 45% of people have taken trips since March.

  • 16% of people are currently traveling for leisure, virtually 39% of people are not currently traveling.

  • Takes an average of x min/hours/etc to plan trip

Target conditions:

  • 45% of people have taken trips since March

  • 32% percentage of people traveling for leisure, virtually

  • 23% of people are not currently traveling.

Obstacles: Short time period to perform test; No definitive "persona" or target user set

Hypothesis: IF people (users?) are presented with the ability to take personalized, interactive virtual tours, then 25% of the people that clicked on the "ad" signed up for early access.

Minimum viable test: Smoke test:

1. Social media post (links to survey), acting as an advertisement

2. Survey, asking about travel preferences

Participants: Survey: Sajju, Heather, and Ekaterina; Social media post (ad): Nikki, Sajju, Heather and Michael

Schedule: 4 days (March 3 - March 7)

Measurement methods: Engagement with social media post (amount of people who viewed post vs. clicked); Survey completion (unique visitors vs. amount completed survey)


  • 38% viewed social media post clicked "ad"

  • 31% signed up for early access.

  • 12 people of the 39 people that viewed the ad engaged with ad and completed survey.

Results plan: Passed. Move forward with building this feature based on data we received around price points, interests, duration of time and add-ons.

/5 Prototype