Design a dashboard for music streaming service

  • Create a web version (desktop only) of a homepage/dashboard for either a real life or fictional music streaming service. Consider metrics or information that would be interesting for a user to see on this page that would give insight into their listening habits. Your designs should illustrate a clean aesthetic and a variety of data visualizations.

    While you can take this as far as you'd like, at a minimum we need to see:

    • A high fidelity view of the homepage/dashboard

    • Your design process for getting to your final designs

    • Two prototyped interactions or animations

    • At least three different data points visualized, including one data table

    • 1 day to complete

/1 Understanding the problem

/2 Gathering information and getting inspiration

/3 Wireframing

/4 UI

Preference test: What color scheme would you prefer and why?

/6 Features

On-Repeat This Week
Genre Breakdown
Songs and Podcasts Country of Origin
Audio Level
  • How many songs in my library? Change since last week

  • How many albums? Change since last week

  • How many podcasts I listen? Change since last week

  • How many genres I listen? New genre added last time

  • What is avg. daily time I spend using the streaming platform?

  • How did it change since last week?

  • What genres do I listen?

  • What are the songs were on repeat this week and how many times I listened them.

  • Where are the songs and podcasts I listen to from?

  • How loud was the sound from my headphones and Speakers today/this week/this month/half-year/year?

  • Was it safe for me so it didn't affect my hearing?

/6 Prototyping


Genre Breakdown: Rock Genre - on hover
Map: USA - on hover
Audio Level - Month - Week
Audio Level - Headphones - Speaker (works for monthly data only)